We’re way, way behind on our posting on this blog, we know, we’re sorry. Summer was spent insanely busy tweaking and adding new things to the site. Here’s a quick overview for now—we’ll go into the details in later posts:

  • New algorithm calculates review averages in a more fair way, gives more weight to majority opinion.
  • On special days like Christmas and New Years, we show opening time information only for those restaurants who have explicitly added special opening times to our site. Everything else shows as “information unknown”. This should make it easier to find the places that are definitely open.
  • New social features: follow reviewers you like, see what they’ve been reviewing and favoriting. Get restaurant recommendations based on your taste (which is based on the reviews you write compared to the reviews other users write), and suggested reviewers to follow.
  • Twitter integration: Use Twitter? Send selected tweets to your Eat.fi profile for your followers to see! Click on “edit my profile” on your profile page, and add your Twitter username there. After that, anything you tweet with “#eatfi” in it will be visible to your Eat.fi followers as well. Can be used for jotting down a mini-review from your phone while you’re at a restaurant, seeing if anyone wants to join you for lunch, or just ruminating about food and restaurants in general.
  • Clearer review voting: That little + and – under each review is a tool for you to indicate if you think a review is good enough for Eat.fi. Any review with more than -5 votes is immediately deleted, and if a particular restaurant gets a lot of – votes, we investigate. + votes are currently just good karma, but we have plans for those as well.
  • AdMessages for restaurants: You may have noticed some orange-colored messages on the main map. We are offering restaurant owners the chance to let you know about special deals, menus, or events on our site in a way that we hope you will find useful and informative. These messages are meant to be the virtual equivalent of messages you often find taped to restaurant windows: “Our asparagusmenu is in season again” and so on.
  • Better admin tools: This is mainly for us, but you benefit as well as it lets us keep a closer eye on potential abuses of the site.
  • Bug fixes and polish: We do this all the time. Little details around the site that we try to improve. Bugs bug us. We hope they will bug you less and less as time goes on.