Eat in Swedish

We’ve been busy! You may have noticed that the site is now in Swedish as well (choose “SV” in the top left corner), and the wiki-like editing tools have been updated and clarified thanks to lots of useful feedback from users and the attendees of BarCamp Helsinki. (Thanks, guys!)

If you are a Swedish speaker and notice any translations that seem silly, please let us know.

Wiki-tools: Instead of the little menu shown in the last post, we’ve added little “Add missing information” markers to restaurants with no information, and then tucked all the rest of the editing tools under a prominent “Information missing or wrong” link on each restaurant page:


This should make the tools easier to find, and also used more often. The results speak for themselves–we’ve had far more updates to information since we made these changes.

Slush Helsinki was an event for internet startups last Monday at Korjaamo organized by ArcticStartup, which is looking to help promote internet entrepreneurship in the North. Other organizers were Zipipop and Floobs. We intended to post about this before the event, but unfortunately forgot to while we were preparing for our participation in it! (We also forgot to take photos of our demo space there…arg!) In any case, we did attend and demo the site, which was fun and well worth it. It was really nice to meet many of you users and hear your feedback in person, as well as to share experiences and information with the other people in the industry. Let’s do it again next year!