We have launched. We’re live. There’s no going back now. Here are some things that have changed since the last beta update:

  1. We imported a database of all Finnish establishments that serve alcohol. This unfortunately includes a lot of bars that will have to be weeded out, but it also covers most restaurants all over the country.
  2. We included wiki-like editing tools for registered users, so if you see a mistake, you can easily fix it. This also allows impatient users to get Eat.fi started in their own area without having to wait for us to get to it–we’re going city by city, starting with Tampere. The most active cities will get a spot in our “Choose a city” drop down menu.
  3. In general, we’ve increased and improved features for registered users. Log in and see!

Do let us know if the map seems slow, or if you encounter other problems. We’ve done our best to test every conceivable configuration, but there are always surprises…Please note, though: If you’re running IE5, there is nothing we can do to make a service like this one, with a dynamic map, load at any forgiveable speed. If you have IE6, speeds should be tolerable but we still recommend you upgrade to IE7 (which will make browsing other sites a much nicer experience as well) or even better, get Firefox.