Yes, the beta version of is finally public. beta

I developed the original in 2005 because I really like good food, but was usually too busy or too lazy to cook, and tended to forget to eat until most restaurants had already closed. I couldn’t find a site that could tell me what was good, still open, and not too far away. Over time, as grew more popular, it became increasingly obvious that I had a choice to make; keep it as a little Helsinki-only site, or give it a chance to grow into something more robust and mature. So after a year of development, we finally came up with this, the original’s shiny new big brother, built entirely from the ground up to look better, work better, and be far more expandable in the future.

But please note: THIS IS A BETA SITE. Not beta in the endless Web 2.0 sense. We mean beta in the “testing phase sandbox not live yet” sense. This means:

  • Do not add any real content to this site, and do not count on the information on it to be accurate or up to date. Any reviews, accounts, profile data, or other content that you put on this beta site will disappear in a month. It will be deleted. Gone. Not retrievable. Therefore, feel free to play around as much as you like, push the site to its limits, but if you have a real review to write, write it in the old site. Once beta testing is over, we will port everything from the old to the final new site.
  • The beta site is not yet optimized for Internet Explorer. It will be, but we’re doing initial testing in Firefox and Safari first.
  • The beta site is only in English. The final site will also be in Finnish and Swedish, but we want to hone all the texts in English first before we hand the files over to a real translator.
  • Please tell us about any bugs or problems you find. Be critical, be honest. This is what the beta site is for–to run the site through its paces, kick the tires and beat it up before we let it go live to thousands of impatient people.

With all of the above in mind, here it is: (username “eat” and password “better”)

Thank you in advance.

–Tina Aspiala and the rest of the development team